Fulton County, Arkansas

    Horseshoe Bend

    City Hall | 704 Commerce St | Horseshoe Bend, AR 72512 | 870-670-5113

    In 1962 Bill and Dick Pratt was trying to decide what to do with their almost five thousand acres of Ozark land. They were standing up on a hill and in the distance they saw the Strawberry river make a big bend. it looked like a horse shoe, and that is how the town got its name, Horseshoe Bend. They decided to found a town and soon people started moving there. Horseshoe bend could offer a closeness to the Ozark wildlife with nature trails or horseback riding. Horseshoe Bend has grown fast and today it is self-governing, has a city hall, post office, shopping center, library, seven churches and 2,300 residents.


    City Contacts

    Name Position Phone/Fax
    Bob Barnes Mayor Phone: 870-670-5113
    Michelle Grabowski Recorder/treasurer
    David Miller District Judge
    Jim Short City Attorney
    Izard County Sheriff Tate Lawerence Police Department Phone: 870-368-4203
    Mike Hilliker Fire Chief
    Marty Roberts Director Of Public Works
    Donald Dawson Wastewater Superintendent
    Carl Boles Code Enforcement Officer
    James Davis Council Member
    Harold Faigle Council Member
    John Grochowski Council Member
    Marty McKnight Council Member
    Sonny Minze Council Member
    Nicki West Council Member
    Nate Wolff Council Member
    Ron Yow Council Member

    City Demographics

    Population: 2143
    Square Miles: 14.60