Fulton County, Arkansas

    Ash Flat

    City Hall | 897 Ash Flat Dr | Ash Flat, AR 72513 |

    Earliest records indicate that the community of Ash Flat began in the mid- to late 1820's when this area of Arkansas was considered a territory. The area became a part of Lawrence County, the second county to be formed from the state of Arkansas. In 1868, Sharp County was formed from Lawrence County and named for Ephraim Sharp, a state legislator from Evening Shade.

    With increases in population and trade, Ash Flat became a town when a new post office was built in 1856.

    People in and around Ash Flat always placed education near the top on their list of priorities. The town built "The College" as its first high school in 1905.

    Ash Flat became the county seat of Sharp County in 1967.

    City Contacts

    Name Position Phone/Fax
    Danny Traw Mayor Phone: 870-994-3168
    Fax: 870-994-3168
    Charlotte Goodwin Recorder/treasurer
    Mark Johnson District Judge
    Larry Kissee City Attorney
    Anthony Wiles Police Chief Phone: 870-994-3061
    Stacy Horton Fire Chief Phone: 870-994-3066
    Regan Nicholson Street Superintendent
    Tracy Breckenridge Water Superintendent
    Phil Osborne Code Enforcement Officer
    Rickey Crook Council Member
    Fred Goodwin Council Member
    Rodney Hallmark Council Member
    Thomas Rigsby Council Member
    Mary Sue Ross Council Member
    Annette Wolverton Council Member

    City Demographics

    Population: 1082
    Square Miles: 5.60